Water is a prime natural resource which we cannot grow or create like other natural products. Due to global warming, variation in climatic conditions and intensity of rainfall, a considerable change in the availability of water resources has been observed in different regions of our State. The availability and distribution of water resources is also somewhat uneven in different regions and sub-regions of the State. There are absolutely no two opinions about the vital importance of water, for sustenance of human, animal and aquatic lives, maintaining ecological balance and for economic and development activities for all kinds. Ensuring optimal, economical, equitable and sustainable use of water resources has become a matter of great public importance.

Accordingly, the State of Jammu and Kashmir has enacted an Act known as The Jammu and Kashmir State Water Resources (Regulation & Management) Act, 2010 (Act No. XXI of 2010) which has come into force with effect from 10.11.2010. This Act is an endeavour to consolidate the law relating to use of water, measurement, construction, control and management of works with respect to water storage, conservation and protection, irrigation, water supply, flood control and prevention, improvement in the flow of water, protection and improvement in the physical integrity of water courses, lakes and springs, and safety and surveillance of dams etc.

The Jammu and Kashmir State Water Resources Regulatory Authority has been constituted vide SRO No. 339 dated 15.10.2012. It comprises a Chairperson and two Members. The broad mandate of the Authority has been spelt out under section 145 of the Act, but it shall essentially be responsible for regulating water resources within the territorial jurisdiction of the Jammu and Kashmir State, ensuring judicious, equitable and sustainable management, allocation and utilization of these resources, fixing the rates for use of water, and all matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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